Names Of Different Types of Coffee | Coffee Types Explained

Introduction: Types Of Coffee

Are you looking to elevate your coffee experience? Let’s dive into the world of filter coffee and explore the different kinds of Coffee that will awaken your taste buds and energise your mornings! There are many delicious types of Coffee you need clarification to track with so many options you have yet to hear of. So, whether you’re a coffee lover or curious about various types of coffee drinks, in this guide, all coffee types are explained that will surely satisfy your caffeine curiosity.

What Type of Coffee Is Most Loved?

What types of Coffee are most loved worldwide? Well, it is tough to list one; however, every kind of Coffee has a unique taste and aroma, but if we stick to this question, classic Espresso takes its seat.

Its rich, concentrated flavour and versatility in creating other coffee drinks make it a global favourite; it’s the base for many coffee drinks and is known for its bold, intense flavor. 

How Many Types of Coffee Are There?

There is a world of different types of Coffee, with an array of unique flavours and preparation methods. It is challenging to pinpoint an exact number; there are over a hundred different kinds of Coffee. From Vibrant Ethiopian to robust Turkish Coffee, we will uncover the unique characteristics and brewing methods that make each type of coffee beverage.

List Of Different Types Of Coffee Summarised

When exploring the world of Coffee, there is a list of various types of Coffee and flavours and profiles to discover. Some particular types of coffee beverages are –

1)    Espresso

2) Americano

3) Cappuccino

4) Latte

5) Drip Coffee

6) Pour-Over Coffee

7) French Press

8) AeroPress

9) Cold Brew

10) Turkish Coffee

11) Black Coffee

12) Macchiato

13) Mocha

14) Ethiopian Coffee (Bunna)

15) Italian Coffee

16) Vietnamese Coffee

> Types Of Coffee Beverages

Here, you discover how to make coffee, information on various coffee beverages, and their places of origin.”


Espresso is a concentrated shot of Coffee and is considered the base of many types of Coffee. It originated in Italy and is made by grinding fresh beans to a fine consistency, then using an espresso machine and forcing hot water at high pressure through finely ground Coffee.


Americano is a favorite for those who prefer a less intense coffee taste. An American soldier created Americano in Italy during World War II. Add one or two shots of Espresso to make Americano, and then add hot water as much as you desire.


A light foamy cappuccino, a kind of Coffee that originated in Italy and became a favourite drink for many coffee lovers. To prepare it, Pull a shot of espresso and steam milk to prepare cappuccino and create foam. Pour the expresso into a cup, then add steamed milk and top with foam.


Latte originated in Italy and is similar to cappuccino. To prepare it, pull a shot of Espresso, then steam a large amount of milk and pour the Espresso, creating a creamy texture. But has more steamed milk and less foam, producing a smoother and creamier coffee experience. 

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is a classic brew that originated in the United States and is made by pouring hot water through ground coffee beans in a filter in a drip coffee maker, resulting in a straightforward and mild coffee.

Pour-Over Coffee

Pour over is a great way to brew a complex and delicate cup. It is inspired by various manual brewing methods and is cherished for its simplicity. To prepare this, place a filter with coffee grounds over a carafe, then gradually pour hot water over the grounds, allowing it to drip through.

French Press

French press is a beloved beverage that originated in France and created an earthy, rich taste in your daily cup of Coffee. It’s made by saturating coffee grounds in hot water and then using a plunger to detach the settings from the liquid. This gives you a solid and full-bodied coffee.

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AeroPress is a manual coffee maker known for its simplicity and effectiveness. It uses air pressure to extract flavours from coffee grounds, resulting in a quick and versatile brewing method that can produce both strong and milder Coffee. It was invented in the USA.

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee originated in Japan and steers coffee grounds in cold water and refrigerators for 12-24 hours, turning in a smooth, less acidic coffee perfect for iced drinks.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is often known for its robust and tasty spice with several health benefits. It originated in Turkey and the Middle East. To brew it, boil finely ground Coffee, sugar water, and cardamom in a pot and serve unfiltered.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is as simple as it gets, made by mixing hot water and Coffee without any milk or sugar. It showcases the true essence of coffee beans. Black Coffee has been enjoyed globally for centuries, and its origins are intertwined with the history of Coffee itself.


Macchiato is an espresso “stained” with a small amount of frothy milk, creating a perfect balance between Coffee and creaminess. The term “macchiato” means “stained” or “spotted” in Italian and is often associated with Italy.


The Yemeni port city of Mocha inspires Mocha Coffee’s name. It combines Espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate for a delightful, slightly sweet coffee experience. The Yemeni port city of Mocha inspires Mocha Coffee’s name.

Ethiopian Coffee (Bunna)

Ethiopian Coffee, known as Bunna, is famous for its unique brewing ceremony and bright, fruity flavours. It originated in Ethiopia, and Bunna has deep cultural roots. To prepare this Coffee, roast green coffee beans over an open flame, grind them, and brew them in a traditional Ethiopian coffee pot called a jebena.

Italian Coffee

Italy is famous for its coffee culture; it has many different types of Coffee made from Espresso. It is made by using finely ground coffee beans and a particular machine. It’s a favorite for all kinds of coffee lovers.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee culture has a French influence and is beloved in Vietnam. It is brewed with drip-filtered Coffee and sweetened condensed milk, making it a sweet and creamy delight.


Coffee is a treasure trove of flavors; fill it with warmth and a delightful aroma that holds a special place. In this blog, all coffee types are explained, as well as their brewing method, culture, and traditional significance worldwide. 

So, the next time you brew Coffee, whether at a cafe or home, consider all kinds of Coffee to expand your horizons. You might discover a new favourite! Happy Sipping!


Which coffee is tasty?

Taste is a personal experience that varies from person to person. Espresso is famous for its robust flavour, while others prefer the creamy sweetness of a Latte or the smoothness of Cold Brew.

Which coffee is best for health?

Filter coffee contains fewer calories, low carbs, low sodium, and high antioxidants than other coffee drinks. If you drink it black or with minimal additives, it can be proven to be the healthiest beverage.

Which coffees are sour?

Ethiopian Coffee, or some light roast varieties, may taste slightly sour or tangy as it contains higher acidity.

Why is cold coffee sour?

Cold brew coffee can sometimes taste sour due to its brewing process, which extracts different compounds from the beans, including acids. This acidity can give it a tangy flavour.

Which filter coffee has the strongest taste?

Strong filter coffee is often associated with dark roast blends or varieties like French press coffee, which offer bold and robust flavours.

Which filter coffee has the mildest taste?

Mild Coffee is usually found in light roast blends or methods like pour-over, highlighting the nuanced flavours of the beans, such as cappuccino.

Which are the most popular coffee drinks?

Espresso-based drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Drip Coffee, and Cold Brew are among the most popular coffee drinks worldwide.


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