About us

About Spicelean

Spicelean Owned by Harish Kulkarni. We’ve been on a passionate journey through the world of flavours and aromas, with a single goal in mind: to redefine your coffee experience. At SpiceLean, we are not just coffee enthusiasts; we are the artisans of healthy coffee. Our commitment to crafting the perfect cup of coffee has driven us to create a brand that stands for quality, health, and sustainability.

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Who We Are ?

At Spicelean, we are coffee enthusiasts who embarked on a journey to create the finest, authentic filter coffee. Our vision is rooted in a deep love for coffee and a genuine concern for every coffee lover’s satisfaction.

Our Values

>> Quality: We refuse to compromise on the quality of our products. Every batch of coffee is tested, tasted, and evaluated to meet our exacting standards. Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

>> Health: We are dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle through coffee. Our blends are thoughtfully crafted to offer a guilt-free and delicious coffee experience.

>> Sustainability: We believe in giving back to the planet that nurtures our beans. SpiceLean is committed to sustainable practices, from responsible sourcing to packaging.

>> Innovation: We never stop exploring new ways to enhance your coffee experience. Our team of experts is always working to develop exciting new flavors and products.

Our Mission

Our unwavering Vision is to provide wholesome, chemical-free products accessible to all. We’re diligently crafting a dependable brand of health-conscious products, ensuring affordability and accessibility for every single individual.