Mild Cloud Coffee – Filter Grind | 250g

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Mild Cloud Coffee
















10 reviews for Mild Cloud Coffee – Filter Grind | 250g
    Kanchan bidlan
    "Daily twice its special blend of 70% Pure coffee 30 % of chcory isto be used as a filter coffee with an appropriate quantity of milk n Sugar your cofee you taste it"
    I very much like the aroma and coffee is strong as the way I like it.
    Nice filter coffee flavor
    Excellent coffee
    Sunil samota
    This product is what real filter coffee tastes like. Great
    Very nice flavor and aroma. Must try for coffee enthusiasts. Tastes best when tried black/very little milk.
    Bindu S
    Filter Coffee is Good who likes Mild Coffee to drink.. or els go for Wild Cloud Coffee its strong.
    I liked it Thank you
    As Named - Mild Filter coffee Thank you for this coffee I was bored of instant coffee powders.
    Mild Cloud Coffee - Filter Grind | 250g photo review
    I really loved the coffee and its packaging. The taste and smell of the coffee are very good. One of the best coffee I ever had.
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