Spiclean Filter Coffee – Wild Cloud Coffee | 250g

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  • Method: Washed Coffee and Naturals.
  • Composition: 65% Coffee and 35% Chicory.
  • Packaging Details: Pouch of exceptional quality
  • Degree of Roasting: Medium
  • Utilize with: South Indian filter/ Moka Pot/ Percolator

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Wild Cloud Coffee

2 reviews for Spiclean Filter Coffee – Wild Cloud Coffee | 250g
  1. Manisha (verified owner)

    Spicelean’s coffee blends are a delightful addition to my mornings. The unique spiced flavors add a delicious twist to each cup. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is commendable. Eco-friendly packaging aligns with my values. Exceptional coffee and top-notch customer service make Spicelean a must-try!

  2. Ambrish Dalavai

    Absolutely Brilliant Coffee.. it is comforting n addictive..every sip seems to have a different nuance to a taste..it has distinctive n original flavour that makes it worth purchasing..will definitely be purchasing again n I would definitely recommend this coffee to someone who like something bit different..

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Particle Size: Coarsely ground Distinctive Feature: Coffee cultivated at high altitudes under shade (1000mtr-1600mtr) Introducing the Spicelean Strong Blend, a special mix made for people who really love coffee. It's made up of 65% pure coffee powder and 35% high-quality chicory that's been finely ground. When you taste it, you'll find a nice balance of flavors, like the way music comes together in a song. It has a bit of dark chocolate taste and strong coffee flavor, like a cozy coffee hug. The coffee beans used are the best ones, carefully picked and roasted just right for this special mix. To enjoy it, make it hot and add frothy milk and sugar the way you like. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy the special South Indian Darshini-style coffee. It's like sipping tradition with every delicious sip.